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Demonstration Workshop

29 May 2013

Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter provides a 2 hour demonstration workshop at Hawaii Tokai International College as part of a 3-week intensive Japanese program for faculty members from universities and colleges from across the USA.  Barb used photos from last June in a brief overview of Ikebana history, then demonstrated a couple of arrangements, before showing the participants how to do their own moribana.  In addition, a few other members provided representative arrangements from 3 different schools.

Karen giving introducion

Pat explaining her Sogetsu arrangement

Pat's Sogetsu arrangement

Ethel talking about her Ohara landscape

Ethe's Ohara landscape

Jean explaining her Rikka Shimputai

Jean's Ikenobo arrangement (Rikka Shimputai)

Barb starting a Shoka Shofutai

Showing the Shoka Shofutai

Barbs' Shoka Shofutai

A slightly improved Shoka Shofutai


Starting another freestyle

A quickly thrown together freestyle

Jiyuka (free style) [colorful tropical fish seen through the waves and fishing net]

Demonstrating moribana

Finished moribana

Jean answering a question

Ethel lending a hand

Working hard...

A minor suggestion

Karen making a point

A proud student

Finishing arrangments

Two more proud students

A proud student

JAlbum 7.0