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40th Anniversary

6 July 2013

Schloss Puchberg in Wels, Austria celebrates 40 years of Professor Pointner-Komoda teaching Ikenobo Ikebana in their
education center.
  The celebration included a demonstration assisted by several higher ranking students, a festive banquet
and an exhibition opened with speeches and music chosen ad composed specially for the occasion. 

In the entryway

Frau Mader welcomes the audience

Inge assists Prof Pointner-Komoda

Jiyuka (free style)

Gabby provides explanatory commentary

Johanna assists Prof Pointner-Komoda

Johanna assists Prof Pointner-Komoda

Shoka Shimputai

The scene

In the wings...

The water-plant supplier with his monkey

Christa assists Prof. Pointner-Komoda

Jiyuka (free style) on the theme of Tanabata 

Bärbel assist Prof Pointner-Komoda

Shoka Shofutai sanshuike

Barb assists Prof Pointner-Komoda

Rikka Shimputai

Rikka Shimputai

Andrea assists Prof Pointer-Komoda

Shoka Suirikuike (divided land and water plants)

Gabby assists Prof Pointner-Komoda

Gabby assists Prof Pointner-Komoda

Gabby assists Prof Pointner-Komoda

Jiyuka (free style)

Prof. Pointer-Komoda and assistants

In the Spiegel Saal (Mirror Room)

In the Spiegel Saal (Mirror Room)

Upper window in the Spiegal Saal (Mirror Room) 

At the opening for the exhibition

Dr. Achleitner, Director of Bildungshaus Puchberg

Dr. Pointner makes a few remarks

The audience

Inge says a few words

Prof. Pointer-Komoda adds a few words

Thank-you gift to Andrea 

Thank-you gift to Gabby 

Gabby also gets a certificate

Barb with Frau Edtbauer

A landscape arrangement by Frau Kralik 

Nageire by Martina

Sunamono Rikka by Sissy

Jiyuka by Prof. Pointner-Komoda 

Tsurizuki (Hanging Moon Shoka) by Johanna

Dr. Boll's Shoka Shimputai - called "Moonlit Night"

Shoka Shofutai by Bärbel

Jiyuka (free style) by Carola - called "Colorplay"

Shoka Shimputai by Martina

Jiyuka by Prof. Pointner-Komoda

Jiyuka by Prof. Pointner-Komoda - called "Pond Landscape"


Installation by Inge - called "Jubilee"

Jiyuka by Inge

Pink dogwood

Shoka Shimputai by Inge

Amazon lily detail

Classical Koten Rikka by Prof. Pointner-Komoda 

Shoka Shofutai Defune by Christa 

Nageire by Heidi

Uschi's Jiyuka (free style)

Frau Kralik 's Jiyuka (free style)

Elisabeth's Shoka Shimputai

Shoka Shofutai Ishuike by Sissy

Barb's Rikka Shofutai - called "Surprise"

Jiyuka (free style) by Carola 

Shoka Shofutai Mazeike by Andrea 

Gabby's Divided Shoka

Shoka Shofutai Nijuike by Johanna

Standing Boat Shoka by Bärbel

Jiyuka (free style) by Gabby

Andrea's Shoka Denka (special form - Hosta) 

Detail of Hosta leaves in Shoka Shofutai Ishuike

Christa's Shoka Shofutai Ishuike 


Shoka Shimputai by Heidi 

Elisabeth's Shoka Shofutai - Gyodoike 

Barb's Shoka Shofutai Ishuike 

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