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Ikebana Demonstration for Garden Club of Honolulu

15 March 2014

The Garden Club of Honolulu hosted Professor Manabu Noda from the Ikenobo School of Ikebana.  Professor Noda, like his father before him, specializes in Jiyuka, or free style.  He began with a brief introduction to the origins of ikebana and two traditional Ikenobo styles, before demonstrating more modern styles.  Part of his demonstration was on the theme of a luncheon, starting with a drink, moving on to a salad plate, and ending with dessert, all using dishes from the Halekulani Hotel.  He then had various assistants complete parts of a large arrangement on the theme of of happy couples by the ocean in Waikiki.

Preview for workshop...

Gail introduces Professor Noda

A brief history of the origins of ikebana

Professor Noda describes his sample Rikka Shofutai

Sample Rikka Shofutai

Professor Noda explains a sample Shoka Shofutai

Sample Shoka Shofutai

Describing materials for a Shoka Shimputai

Finished Shoka Shimputai

Completed Shoka Shimputai

Preparing a cocktail Jiyuka for lunch

The cocktail Jiyuka

Moving on to the salad plate Jiyuka

Almost done the salad plate Jiyuka

Completed salad plate Jiyuka

Preparing a dessert Jiyuka

The dessert course Jiyuka

Completed dessert Jiyuka

Arranging a Rikka Shimputai depicting a happy couple by the waves of Waikiki

The Rikka Shimputai

Directing several Ikenobo students on a wall hanging

Professor Noda lends a hand

The wall hanging adds more couples by the sea

See how the two parts fit together?

Leading several members from the Garden Club

Cut here...

Then we add some greens...

Giving Gail a hand

Checking progress

Finishing this part

Adding the final touch

The complete combination arrangment of happy couples by the sea in Waikiki

Gail gives Professor Noda a homemade lei

Professor Noda

Gail & Prof. Noda

Koto player

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