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Aloha Luncheon, May 19, 2013

19 May 2013

Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter 56 held its May luncheon with the theme of edible flowers.  The concept was extended to edible plants for the exhibit and centerpieces.  Before the meeting Chef Anthony Lai Hipp spoke briefly on the trend in restaurants away from edible flowers to micro herbs, describing the small farm where he currently gets his grown to order and what we would be enjoying as part of our meal.  After lunch, we enjoyed the talk and samples by Dr. Nat Bletter on common edible flowers, cacao and other plants used with chocolate in Mexico and South America, and the locally grown flowers used in Madre Chocolate in Kailua.

Standing boat and free style herbs 

Sogetsu arrangement with cinnamon, turmeric 

Edible arrangement

An Ohara arrangement with lemon grass...

Free style with about a dozen edible flowers

Detail with pansies, nasturtium and more..

A Bunjinka emphasizing the stages of a coconut

Ohara arrangement

A Sogetsu arrangement with citrus

Fruits and vegetables...

A Sogetsu arrangement with fruit

A Sogetsu centerpiece with Strawberries 

Centerpiece with artichokes

A Sogetsu centerpiece with fruit 

A Sogetsu centerpiece ...

A Sogetsu centerpiece with rosemary

Centerpiece with baby pineapples...

A Sogetsu centerpiece with artichoke and peppers

Centerpiece with ginger

An Ohara centerpiece with limes

Centerpiece with fruit and nasturtiums

An Ohara centerpiece with fruit and onions

Chocolate cake with edible nasturiums

Nat Bletter talking about common edible flowers

Nat demonstrating how to foam chocolate 

Nat dishing up some foamed chocolate to pass around

Trying her hand at foaming chocolate...

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