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Hawaii's Plantation Village

12 November 2012

An outdoor museum where they've built and furnished buildings
typical of the various ethnic groups that came to work the cane fields.

In the Chinese kitchen

Stove in the Chinese kitchen

In the Chinese kitchen

Preserved eggs and things in the Chinese kitchen

Coral plant


In the Chinese temple

In the Portguese house

Puerto Rican cook-house

Cradle made from flour sack

Achiote or lipstick tree blossom

Achiote or lipstick tree fruit

Lipstick plant

In Japanese kitchen

Another Japanese kitchen

Japanese ironing implements

Early pressure cooker

Japanese shoes

Japanese lantern

Fallen leaf

Japanese duplex

Grape leaf

Sour grapes

Star fruit


Crown flower

Okinawan kitchen

Tea and sake service

In the Korean kitchen

Weights in the Korean kitchen


Korean shoes

Cannonball tree

Cannonball tree flower

Cannonball tree flower

Tailoring at home


In the general store


In the pharmacy

Taro leaves

Water lily

Saffron finch

Saffron finch

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