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Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter 56

New Year's Luncheon
29 January 2012

Since we had a guest speaker on Japanese textiles, that was also the theme for the exhibited arrangements.

Karen's Sogetsu arrangement with obi

Bertha's Sogetsu arrangement with fabric strips

Betty's Sogetsu arrangement with obi

Dolly's Kin Sen arrangement with indigo dye weaving

Elaine's Ohara arrangement with embroidery

Closeup of Ohara Kiku-arrangement

Ester's Saga Goryu arrangement with obi

Close-up of Ester's arrangement in teapot

Gail's Ikenobo free style arrangement with fabric-covered fan

Betty's Ikenobo arrangement with placemats

Monette's Sogetsu arrangement hand-woven mats

Diana's centerpiece

Wendy's dragon centerpiece

Sample for Areca palm weaving workshop

Detail of Areca palm

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