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28-30 Oct 2022

As part of its delayed 60th Anniversary (1961-2021) celebration, Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter 56 held an exhibit with a theme of baskets.  Members from four different ikebana schools participated, using a wide variety of baskets ranging from traditional ones made for ikebana to a modern one made from used packing straps. 
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Ohara arrangement by Jane Aquino

Sogetsu free style by Helene Furuya

Ohara arrangement by Masami Lachman

Ikenobo free style by Darryl Tagami

Sogetsu free style by Carol Murakami

Ikenobo free style by Ellen Kondo

Ichiyo free style by Pat Kimoto

Sogetsu free style by Brennan Yamaguchi

Ohara arrangement by Edith Tanaka

Sogetsu free style by Joyce Kaneshiro

Sogetsu free style by Soo Boo Tan

Ikenobo Shoka Shimputai by May Hiraoka-Tomita

Sogetsu free style by Yukari Sato

Sogetsu free style by Caroline Abe

Ikenobo free style nageire by Claire Sakauye

Ohara free style by Elaine Arita

Ohara arrangement by Arlene Horiuchi

Sogetsu free style by Grace Kam

Toin Misho chabana-inspired arrangement by Viva Inouye

Ikenobo Shoka Shofutai by Barbara Tinius

Ohara arrangement by Susan Hirate

Ikenobo free style by Gail Atwater

Sogetsu free style by Marsha Curnyn

Sogetsu free style by Shizuyo Kikuta

Ichiyo free style by Iwalani Barbazon

Sogetsu free style by Karen Kirk, Debra Lau-Shiroma and Charmaine Yee-Hollison

Ikenobo free style by Gale Kobayashi

Ohara arrangement by Bette Uyeda

Sogetsu free style by Sue Shimabukuro

Sogatsu free style by Jennifer Shintani

Ohara arrangement by Gwen Nagata

Sogetsu free style by Takako Aoki

Ikenobo free style by Beryl Ono-Stapleton

Sogetsu free style by Sherrill Morichika-Balbirona

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