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30 Oct 2022

As part of its delayed 60th Anniversary (1961-2021) celebration, Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter 56 hosted the Ichiyo School of Ikebana fourth headmaster (Oiemoto) Naohiro Kasuya to teach us a bit about his school.  Assisted by Kazumi Saito-sensei, he provided a two-hour demonstration of several large stage installations reflecting the materials and environment he experienced here in Hawaii.  Appreciation to Lyon Arboretum for supporting this demonstration by cutting materials selected by the headmaster. 

ready to greet invited guests

President Joyce getting ready

Bette makes opening remarks

Ichiyo headmaster Naohiro Kasuya

Oiemoto Kasuya and assistant Saito-sensei begin the demonstration

Backdrop representing the sky, clouds, wind and rain of Manoa Valley

Oiemoto Kasuya loves big leaves...

some lipstick tree

finishing touches

the fan palm represents the wind blowing through Lyon Arboretum

setting up the 3rd arrangement

finishing touches

this one represents the large trees with aerial roots found in Lyon Arboretum

starting the 4th arrangement using a woven Hawaiian mat of lauhala aka pandanus leaves

Oiemoto's represents bamboo surf boards in the high surf, sort of like a Hawaiian interpretation of Hokusai's Wave

4th and final arrangement - the traditional Ichiyo Way of Balancing and Movement, intended to show that life can be beautiful, but also dangerous at times, so we need to remember that life needs balance.

pink and flowering bananas and a leaf

pink and flowering bananas and a leaf

the completed stage

Iwalani presening Oiemoto with a lei

Assistant Saito-senseoi gets a lei

The Ichiyo backstage crew take a bow

NCAR representative Patricia O'Reilly

II Protocol Director Kimie Yanagisawa and daughter

Bette returns for the rest of the program

Patricia O'Reilly makes a few remarks

Patricia O'Reilly presents II chapter 56 with a certificate

Patricia O'Reilly presents II chapter 56 with a certificate

Joyce makes a few comments

Oiemoto Kasuya presents Pat Kimoto with a certificate

Pat Kimonot with Oiemoto Naohiro Kasuya

Oiemoto Kasuya reads a certificate

Oiemoto presents a certificate to Jeanne Houlton

Oiemoto presents a certificate to Jeanne Houlton

Jeanne and Diana

The end...

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