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Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

23 October 2019

We took an interesting tour of of Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology housed on a small island in Kaneohe Bay.  Named after Princess Loe, it was later privately owned and doubled in size through dredging, which now provides pens for various marine animals. Distant views of the island were also used in the opening scenes for the TV series Gilligan's Island...

View from the pier

Shuttle arriving

Setting off ...

Moku o Loe aka Coconut Island aka Gilligan's Island...


Welcoming committee

A look toward He`eia

Lighthouse detail

Spider lilies

Map of the facillities


Conspicuous sea cucumber -- only grow in a couple of places around Oahu

Black tipped reef shark

Black tipped reef shark


Conspicuous sea cucumber, through the reflections...

Shark teeth

Jawing around...

Baby hammerhead shark

Baby hammerhead shark

Baby hammerhead sharks

Baby hammerhead sharks

Hazardous bridge to nowhere

Yellow tang


Foxtail palm trees


Kualoa in the distance

Former saltwater swimming pool

Clouds in the water

Palm trunks

Eroded roots


Artificial channel

Hammerhead shark

Hammerhead shark


Hammerhead shark



Coral tentacles

View toward Kaneohe

Fishing floats


Kualoa in the distance

Norfolk pine

Looking back...

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