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Exhibit Schloss Puchberg

6-9 July 2018

Frau Professor Pointner-Komoda celebrated 45 years of teaching Ikenobo ikebana at the education center at Schloss Puchberg in Wels, Austria.  The celebration included an exhibit organized by the Ikenobo Ikebana Study Group Austria.

Arranging the night before

Arranging the night before

Still arranging that morning

Bärbel´s Shoka Shimptai

Calla lily

Martina´s Gyodo-ike

Christa D.´s divided Shoka Shimputai

Barbara B.´s Setsugekka (refers to a shoka in this specific vase)

Christine´s Jiyuka

Andrea´s Rikka Shofutai

Gabi´s Shoka Shofutai

Heidi´s Suiriku-ike

Calla lily detail

Gisela´s Nageire


Elena´s Rikka Shimputai


Monika N.´s dividied Shoka Shimputai

Andrea´s Shoka Shofutai

Barbara T.´s Jiyuka

Monika N.´s Jiyuka

Frau Pointner-Komoda´s Tatehana

Frau Pointner-Komoda´s Jiyuka

Frau Pointner-Komoda´s Kakebana wall hanging made from an obi


Exhibit Hall

Uschi´s Jiyuka

Ingeborg´s Jiyuka


Heidi´s Jiyuka

Carola´s Jiyuka depicting the Tanabata story

Gisela´s Shoka Shofutai

Anne´s Jiyuka

Christa B.´s Jiyuka "Tequila Sunrise"

Martina´s Jiyuka

Kornelia´s Jiyuka

Gerti´s Jiyuka

Barbara T.´s Jiyuka

Christ B.´s Jiyuka


Exhibit Hall

Christa D.´s Rikka Shimputai

Kornelia´s Shoka Shimputai

Hilde´s Rikka Shimputai

Anne´s Shoka Shiputai

Eva´s Shkoa Shofutai

Barbara B.´s Shoka Shimputai

Alexandra´s Shoka Shofutai

Hilde´s Shoka Shimputai

Balloon flowers

Monika P.´s Shoka Shimputai

Gaby´s Gyodo-ike


Inge´s River of Life Landscape

Inge´s Landscape from the side

Inge´s Landscape detail

Inge´s Landscape detail

Inge´s Landscape detail

Inge´s Landscape detail

Birch tree


Schloss Puchberg from the other side of the former stables

Maple seeds

View from the field behind the castle



Barbara T.´s Shoka Shofutai

Barbara T.´s Shoka Shofutai

Barbara T.´s Shoka Shofutai

Barbara T.´s Shoka Shofutai

Tanabata wishes for Frau Professor Pointner-Komoda

Most of the gang...

The end of another day...

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