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Special Sunamono Workshop

13 Feb 2017

Kurashige-sensei was on island to attend another function and kindly agreed to teach a special one-day class on sunamono -- a low, wide variation of rikka shofutai.

Sample Sunamono Rikka

Showing how it's done traditionally

And how to build branches...

How to tie a komiwara

How to tie a komiwara

Hagio-sensei hard at work

Darryl's sunamono

Gale's sunamono

Louise's sunamono

Hagio-sensei's sunamono

Jean's sunamono

Yoshiko's sunamono

Masako's sunamono

Alice's sunamono

Fukuda-sensei's sunamono

Kida-sensei's sunamono

Masayo's sunamono

Barb's sunamono

Wendy's sunamono

Kyokoi's sunamono

Kurashige-sensei (beaded suit and tool belt!)

Oba-sensei thanking Kurashige-sensei

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