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11-13 April 2017

Mostly the historic Tsuboya district where potters congregated in olden days.  And things in Naha that didn't find into other sets of photos...

Ankokuji Temple gate made from coral

Hemmed in by modernity


Prayer boards and fortunes at Shurikannondo

Stone pond at Shurikannondo

Roof tops

Old house metastasizing


Traditional house at Prefectural Museum

Stove in traditional house

Floral sculpture




Old wood

Roof tiles

Closed shop on Yachimun Street

Great Lew Chew Artifacts

Wall in Tsuboya pottery district

Water pump in Tsuboya pottery district

Wall in Tsuboya pottery district 1-chome 22

Water pump in Tsuboya pottery district

Tile roof

Climbing kiln


New Okinawan flasks

Drying slip on new Okinawan flasks

Making shisa masks

Pottery shop

On a wall in Tsuboya pottery district

in Tuboya district

Oon the roof

Back to sleep...

Partial shisa eating vines

Opening for business

Fading door

Coral wall and tile roof

Shisa pair


Potters at work

Pattery dragon

Tucked into the garden

Pottery dragon

On a retaining wall

Collapsing tile roof

Manhole cover

Mahole cover

Pottery shisa- daruma

Shrine behind the Tsuboya-yaki pottey museum

Emporer and Empress figurines


Old pottery

Inside kitchen in pottery museum

Broken pieces

Old building

Historic climbing kiln



On a hillside

Waiting for dinner

Behind the bar

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