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Obi Tying Demonstration

20 May 2017

Since obi were the theme for this year's ikebana exhibit, the chapter asked Shisho Kikuta to demonstrate how to tie an obi. Kikuta-sensei then invited up to 10 people to come try it.

Yukata and obi laid out before the demonstration

Centerpieces to be given out at the end

Charmaine is ready to get started

First put on the yukata - a cotton summer kimono

Tie the yukata in place

Then add obi

A fairly standard bow

A slightly fancier bow

How to dress yourself

And tie your own obi

Several volunteers give it a try

Helping each other

Is this how we do it?

Another volunteer helps out

Something like this...

Looking good...

Let's use the mirror

Another mirror shot

Wrapping things up

Wrapping things up

Yes, I made that centerpiece

Last centerpiece

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