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Whimsical Ikebana

20 Nov 2016

Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Honolulu hosted a fun family workshop on whimsical ikebana.  That is generally small arrangements made in unconventional containers or with unconventional materials. 

Sample arrangement in tree fungus

Sample arrangement

Sample arrangement in film holder

Sample arrangement

Sample arrangement in egg shell

Barb's sample arrangement  on deviled egg plate


3 little rabbits

Proud arranger


A group of arrangements


at the beach..

Barb's using a turtle holder

sake cup

sake cup

wooden bowl

Barb's small bento box

sake cup and miniature vases

sake cup

miniature vases

drink decorations

sea shell

pepper and egg


small vase


shot glass?

shot glass

grapefrui and peppers


Charmains' husband's

sake cup

sake bottle

sake cup

wine glasses

in hole in piece of coral

Barb's bottles

jAlbum 10