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Ikebana Seminar

Wels, Austria

November 16-21, 2007

Saturday evening...

Sunday evening...

Almost finished... just a few corrections to make...

Suna no Mono Futakabuike (Divided Sunanomono Rikka)

Teacher's example Rikka Isshiki with Chrysanthemums

Barb's Rikka Isshiki with Chrysanthemums

Teacher's example Shoka Shofutai Betsuden -- Soe Nagashi

Teacher's example Shoka Shofutai

Teacher's example Moribana

A few other finished arrangements...

Teacher's example Shoka Shimputai

Teacher's example Jiyuka

Barb's Shoka Shofutai

Another of Barb's Shoka Shofutai

Yet another of Barb's Shoka Shofutai Isshiki

Barb's Shoka Shimputai

Barb's practice Shoka Shofutai with 9 Aspidistra leaves

Mirror images -- Barb's and Andrea's both with 9 leaves

JAlbum 7.0