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Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter 56

Visit to Lyon Arboretum

16 October 2011

After a private tour, we break into groups and use scrap materials from the garden to arrange 3 Taisaku --
large arrangements created by a group.

Lyon Arboretum

Mountain above Lyon Arboretum

Mountains at Lyon Arboretum

Mountainside at Lyon Arboretum

Blue Ginger

Fan Palm


Red Ginger


Palm frond

Tree trunk

Blue Ginger


False Lotus

Ginger bud

Listening to the tourguide

Looking at nuts that can be used as soap

Karen organizing groups

The Great Lawn

Gathering materials

Add some vines

And a few tree slices known as cookies

Gathering materials into groups

Starting assembly

Group 1: Does this look OK here?

Group 2 getting started

Group 3 is nearly done

No, put that there...

It looks OK from here...

I think we're done...

How's it look from there?

Maybe a few adjustments...

Maybe something over there?

Does anyone need this?

Group 1's finished Taisaku

Group 2's Taisaku

All 3 Taisaku

Looking up from the entry walk

Final checks

Group 3's Taisaku

Detail of group 3's inspiration

Group 1's Taisaku

Group 2's Taisaku

Group 1's Taisaku from another viewpoint

Close-up of group 2's Taisaku

And a bento lunch

Most of the group...

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