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Palm Sunday Procession in Landshut, April 1, 2007

Landhut revives an old tradition - The "Palmesel," the Palm Sunday donkey.  We also visit Freising.

Side door of St Martin's Cathedral

The new statue still under wraps

Ersatz palm fronds -- Berchtesgadener style

More ersatz palms shaped like crowns

Sundial at St. Martin's

St Martin's spire


Lighting the way...

The Priest

More priests...

The Bible...

An elder...

A cardinal?

The statue arrives...

Unveiling the new statue

The new statue

In front of St Ignatius...

Nice crown...

Let the procession begin!

Making sure everyone's following...

Down the street they go.

A few have palm fronds.

Pulling the statue.

Nearing St Martin's

The statue approaches

Pushing it up the ramp.

The crowd processes into St. Martin's

And the band played on...

At the door to St. Martin's

A hand by Rodin


Double cherries


More double cherries



On a corner in Freising...

Bear at work

Bears can cook...

And wear trachten...

Organ pipes in Freising Cathedral

Chapel in the Crypt

Light in Crypt Chapel

Crypt under Freising Cathedral

Column detail in the crypt

In the Crypt

In the Crypt...

I'm on the top of the world...

Side of Freising Cathedral

Side of Freising Cathedral

Bell Tower

Freising rooftops

JAlbum 7.0