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Pan-Pacific Parade

Waikiki, June 7, 2009


Korean drummer

Cross-dressing geisha?

Cross-dressing Geisha?

Fire standard

Flower Emblem


Trolley Ukelele


Kids in Japanese cloths

The Radio Fitness float

The latest mascot?

Taiwanese Aborigine dancers

Hula Trolley

Hula Trolley

Love the way the green crocs blend in!

Waikiki Trolley

Barefoot hula dancers

Barefoot hula dancers

Tall float

Squeaking on by...

Japanese Awa dancers

Young Awa dancers

Awa Dancers on their toes

A Hula float

Jizo figure from Nara

More hula dancers

It's hard to dance in a straight line...


Here's looking at you!

JAlbum 7.0