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Horse and Carriage Parade, Bad Feilnbach, May 1, 2007

Just something to attract the tourists and entertain the locals -- a parade of horses, carriages, wagons and Bavarian costumes, on a sunny May Day.

Watching the man with the camera

The first marching band

Those must be really big skirts!

Trachten - traditional local costumes

Fasching King and Queen

Horse and buggy

Ear warmers

Mail coach

In the mail coach

Team of six horses -- almost got them all in!

A travelling peddler


Another farmer

What's that it's leaking?

Cleaning out the stables

Starting young


Local farmers

Local aristocracy

More peddlers

Local kids

Waving to the crowd

And the Fire Department

Young peat cutters

Awww, isn't it cute?

Another rider with a really big skirt

Hauling the church bell

Whip cracking


A dairy farmer

Keeping a firm grip

The woodcutters

Ride with a view

Off to market

JAlbum 7.0