Up one level Roger's Pictures

Intensive Rikka Seminar

Hamburg, Germany
21-24 March, 2008

Selecting the Main Branch (Shin)

Five elements later...

The Rikka class

How to join branches...

joining continued...

Adding the Nagashi

Extending the Oha

The class helps wire

Almost there...

Detail of Kusamichi

The photographer has been spotted!

Speaking of phographers...

Over the shoulder...

And again...

The finished Rikka

A lesson on how to draw

Measuring the next line

In Ilka's Atelier for the beginner's lecture

Everybody hard at work

Half of the Rikka class on one side of the room

Hum, Roger must have taken this...

And this...

Moribana example

Shoka Shofutai Sanshuike Example

Shoka Shimputai Example

Shoka Shofutai Nishuike Example

Moribana Example

Cute Sweater...

The beginners in the middle of the room

Checking an arrangement

Inge hard at work

Frau Pointer's Example

Barb's Rikka

Inge's Rikka

Andrea's Rikka

Ilka's Rikka

JAlbum 7.0