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Two Ikebana Seminars:

Single Material Rikka with Narcissus - 9-11 February
Memorial Exhibition and Partial Seminar in Wels - 23-25 February

Teacher's Example Rikka Isshuike - Narcissus

Barb's Rikka Isshuike - Narcissus

Exhibit in memory of Hermann Jaeger

Opening Remarks for the Memorial Exhibit

The Exhibitors + Frau Edtbauer

The Exhibitors + Frau Edtbauer again

Frau Pointner's Rikka Shimputai in Exhibit

Detail of Rikka Shimputai

Barb's Shoka Isshuike in Exhibit

Barb's Shoka Sanshuike in Exhibit

Barb's Shoka Shimputai in Exhibit

Detail of Calla Lily

At the Opening

Frau Pointner demontrates a Moribana

Exhibit of icon copies

Barb's Shoka Shimputai

Barb's naturalistic Free Style (before)

...modified (after)

Working on a Rikka Shofutai

Barb's Rikka Shofutai

JAlbum 7.0