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Preparing for the Ebbs Flower Parade

plus the Kufstein Chairlift

Barbara wanders through the Hödnerhof in Ebbs, watching the preparations for the annual Blumenkorso ...

18 August 2007

Scaffolding around a float

Green trim

Tending to the animals

Say, "Ahhh..."

Ready to pull the floats

First you remove all of the flowers...

Then you stick pins thru them...

Spongebob and Gary

A little assembly required...


Close up

Can I drive?

Flowers and bull

Fox and chickens

Merlin the magician

Merlin's cape

Fun for the whole family!

Big fish

Little fish

Such nice pearly whites!

How many candles?

Wild mane

The other horse


A little more to the right...

Green flowers

Go team!

Will this thing fly?

Just don't lean too far!

Hum, which makes a smoother wing?

Can't have too much jewelry!

Is that case empty?

Going up!

Tree roots

Wilde Kaiser Mountains


Silver Thistle

Aren't they sweet?

Checking out the view...


Going down...




JAlbum 7.0