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Kaneohe Air Show, Kaneohe MCB, September 26, 2010

F-22 Raptor and Blue Angels Flight Demonstrations

Still learning how to use the D700 + 70-200 VR ... most pictures with TC-17 II ... some shots from our back yard on September 25th.

Another beautiful day in Kaneohe

The F-22 taxis out beyond the Blue Angels

Aerobatics - propwash curlicues



F-22 Raptor

Steep Climb



Raptor Weapons Bays


Small Plane, Big Sky

High Speed Pass

Vectored Thrust

Heat Waves

After the Show

Fat Albert - Blue Angels C-130

High Power Takeoff

Past Konahuinui

Four-Plane Loop

High Speed Pass with Good Light

Diamond Formation

Diamond Formation

Through the Clouds

... and back down

Inverted Pass ... timing is everything

Slow Pass

Slow Pass - Diamond Formation

Big Sky ... Little Plane

Formation from the House

Inverted Diamond "Double Farvel" Formation

Tight Echelon

Watch the Plane to your Left ...

Tight Echelon

Angels over the H-3

Formation and Clouds


Very High Speed Pass

Forming up over Kailua

Line Formation

Line Formation


Close Pass


Four-Plane Break

Sometimes you just lose focus ...

Four-Plane Rollout

Four-Plane Rollout

Delta Formation

Six-Plane Break

Six-Plane Break

Delta Formation

Delta Formation

More Aerobatics

Through the Clouds

Circling Around

Smoke On ...

Last Pass

JAlbum 7.1