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A New Camera, a New Lens, a Full Moon - August 24, 2010

This is an experimental and fairly repetetive set of moonrise pictures.  I have just bought a new Nikon D700 and a 24-70 2.8 lens, so I have to go out and shoot the moonrise at Lanikai - again!
I'm trying different ISO settings, shutter speeds, different lenses, and different processing settings.  All the usual technical information is under the individual pictures. 
Some of them turned out pretty well .... the last two pictures really are handheld shots!

A typical evening in Kailua

Trying out the wide-angle DX lens - evening colors

The moon appears between the Mokes

The evening grows darker

More sky

Some beach sand

... and distant palms

Long exposure, looking to Kanohe

The moon rises further

Reflection in the water - shorter exposure

Different exposure - different lens

Vignetting at 12 mm

Slow shot, with a passing airplane

Very wide angle, cropped a little - getting better

Very contrasty - bright moon

A shower passes behind the islands - ISO 6400!

More contrast - different look. Banding from the bright moon.

The shower moves on.

Mysterious feet

Longer exposure - another airplane

Moonlit clouds with minimal movement

More wide angle views - 12 mm, cropped.

It works best when the moon is screened by a cloud.

Another vignetted shot - the clouds pass.

The clouds blur in two seconds - they move quickly.

Another beautiful evening

Handheld moonlight photography - I love it!

Another Lanikai full moon evening.

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