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Ikebana Class at Bad Schönbrunn

(near Zug, Switzerland; 16-22 October 2004)

mountains on the way in...

approaching shower

working on initial arrangements

shoka shofutai

shoka shimputai (before)

shoka shimputai (after)

shoka shimputai

Reiko's demonstration

Ludmilla's demonstration

Maria's demonstration

Thekla's demonstration (with quince)

Yuko's demonstration

Yuko's arrangement

Emmanuel's arrangement

Barb's demonstration

jiyuka in bento box (freestyle in Japanese lunch box)

group portrait I

group portrait II

group portrait III

morning fog

shoka shimputai, jodan nagashi

shoka shimputai


freestyle with wire

small jiyuka (freestyle) (before)

small jiyuka (after)

clouds and fog

rikka shofutai

rikka shofutai (detail)

Pointer-Komoda's rikka shimputai

rikka shimputai

rikka shimputai - detail

"Your flowers should look like this..."

JAlbum 3.6