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Ikebana Seminar, July 1 - 7, 2005

Barbara attends another Ikenobo Ikebana Seminar at Schloss Puchberg, Wels, Austria. 
Several students assist Frau Pointner-Komoda in demonstrating a variety of ikebana arrangments

Schloss Puchberg

hallway at Schloss Puchberg

Water Lily at Schloss Puchberg


preparing for the demonstrations

Frau Pointner-Komoda with Frau Klarik's freestyle wildflowers and grasses

balloon flowers

Frau Scheberl assisting with her divided Moribana

Frau Dreyer assisting with her Moribana combination

completed Moribana combination

Frau Vrbancic's classical Shoka standing-boat style

Frau Rösler assisting with her Shoka Shimputai

Frau Rösler's completed Shoka Shimputai

Frau Höfer assisting with her classical divided Shoka (Suiriku-ike)

Frau Höfer's Suiriku-ike (divided land and water material arrangement)

Frau Mellitzer and Frau Grässer-Eto helping with a Rikka-Shimputai

Frau Grässer's Rikka Shimputai

the beginning of my Shoka Nijuike

trimming and shaping the branch

inserting the irises

the final touch

completed Shoka Nijuike

Herr Jaeger assisting his Shoka Tachinobori

completed Shoka Tachinobori

Frau Leibing assisting her Rikka Shimputai

Frau Leibing's divided Rikka Shimputai

Frau Pointner-Komoda and all of the demonstrators

Moribana example for the beginners

a small Jiyuka (free style)

after correction...

Shoka Shofutai - Gyodoike (fish path or divided water materials)

Shoka Shofutai Mazeike (both materials used in all 3 positions)

Shoka Shimputai

Shoka Shimputai

Shoka Shofutai Mazeike

Shoka Shofutai Ishuike

Rikka Shofutai -- teacher's example

detail of teacher's Rikka Shofutai

my Rikka Shofutai

Shoka Shofutai

miniature Free Style

Shoka Shofutai Sanshuike

Shoka Shofutai Gyodoike


Shoka Shofutai Ishuike

Frau Doctor Boll sings in the Spiegel Saal at Schloss Puchberg

in the Spiegel Saal

door in the town of Puchberg

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