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A Short Visit to Ulm, February 10, 2007

Ulm Rathaus

Ulm Rathaus

Celestial Clock on Ulm Rathaus 

Celestial Clock on Ulm Rathaus

Ulm watchtower

Ulm Cathedral

Elephant Gargoyle on Ulm cathedral

Fresco inside Ulm cathedral

Ulm Cathedral

Pulpit inside the Ulm Cathedral

Inside the Ulm Cathedral

Blue light in Ulm Cathedral

Modern stained glass

End of a choir stall

Ends of choir stalls

Bottom of choir stall seats

Ends of choir stalls

End of choir stall

Section of Ulm roof with the "Ulmer Spatz"

The "Ulmer Spatz" on Ulm cathedral

Outside a music store

In front of a hotel

By the theater


Restaurant in Ulm's fishing quarter

House & bird in Ulm's fishing quarter

The crooked house in Ulm's fishing quarter

Sign on building in fishing quarter

Giant squirrels

JAlbum 6.5