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 A Hike to the Seelacher Alm, May 29, 2005

I just bought a new lens, an AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm/f2.8, so I want to practice shooting flowers.
It's an ideal flower lens -- it will focus down to 8" away, although the depth of field that close is incredibly shallow.
Fortunately, I can do this without actually knowing the names of the flowers I'm looking at ....

Out for a walk in the mountains ...

... with a view looking east in to Austria.

Flowers by the side of the road

Leaves in the forest

Leaves in the sunlight

Fir in a clearing

Lots of trees together

There's a bench, thank God!

Trees on the ridge

Another cluster of firs

Looking north to Wendelstein

Tiny Flowers

Tiny Flowers

Teeny tiny flowers

Small flower

More small flowers

Buttercup and bug

Small flowers


Violet (I think ...)


Old tree, new trees

Hiking back down

Mmmm, pollen!

Dandelion without the bee

Little white flowers

Seeds from a burdock

More tiny flowers

More tiny flowers

More small flowers

More tiny flowers

Young fern

Buttercups in the pasture

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