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Passau, Bavaria, October  8 - 10, 2005

Bell pull - St Paul Church

Organ - St Paul Church

Altar Figure - St Paul Church

St Paul - Altar Figure

Sunlight and Plaster

Doorway Inscriptions

St Stephans Cathedral - Midday

Sunlight and Plaster, again

Stairway, Bishops' Residence

Bishops' Residence

Bishops' Residence


Schwabgasse and Inn River

Autumn Colors

Doorway - 1493

Doorway - Veste Oberhaus

Rampart and Trees

Veste Oberhaus, Niederhaus, Ilz River

Veste Oberhaus, Niederhaus, Ilz River

Inn River Side with the Schaiblingsturm

Inn River Side

Passau Altstadt

Inn River Side

Inn River Side

Ancient Doorway

Kloster Mariahilf and Tile Roofs

Sunlight and leaves

Sunlight and texture

Kloster Mariahilf Chapel Altar

Lamp - Kloster Mariahilf

Votive offerings in Mariahilf Chapel

Kloster Mariahilf


More autumn colors

Architectural Ornamentation

St Stephans Cathedral - 1674

St Stephans Cathedral - Evening light

St Stephans Cathedral - evening light

St Stephans Cathedral - "World's Largest Organ"

Foggy Morning

Foggy Danube Morning

Another Manhole Cover

Alley to the Danube

JAlbum 5.1