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Ikebana Anniversary Celebration

Lassalle House, Zug, Switzerland

15 October 2005

Lassalle House celebrates 20 years of Ikebana classes by Frau Pointner-Komoda with a demonstration and exhibit
(and we make a side trip to Lucerne)

Frau Pointner-Komoda's Shoka Nijuike

Frau Pointner-Komoda's Koten (classical) Rikka


getting a little help...

demonstration (classical vs new style Rikka)

Frau Pointner-Komoda's Shoka Shofutai

Frau Pointner-Komoda's Jiyuka with seven fall grasses and flowers

Frau Pointner-Komoda's Shoka Shimputai

Frau Pointner-Komoda's Jiyuka

Frau Pointner-Komoda's Rikka Shimputai (new style)

after the demonstration

Emmanuel and Yuko

sunset from Lassalle Haus

celebration in the lobby


What? Another picture?

the whole group

Barb and Yuko

part of the exhibit

Nageire Combination

2 Shoka

Barb's Shoka Shimputai


Shoka Gyodoike


Moribana-Nageire Combination

Barb's Shoka Shofutai


various Shoka

a fall arrangement


another fall arrangement

more arrangements

Shoka Shimputai


Shoka Shofutai

a warm door in a cold environment (Lucerne Art Museum exterior)

windows in the Lucerne Art Museum

the Old City, Lucerne

bridge by the Nadel Wehr

interior of the Jesuit Church, Lucerne

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