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Driving up to Grossglockner, October 8, 2006

Barbara (D70) and I (D100) both shooting away at the snow and the mountains, on a beautiful fall day.
Grossglockner is the tallest mountain in Austria, and the Pasterze glacier is the longest in Austria.

Approaching the mountains

Straw figures

Fog breaking up

Getting closer to the mountains

Still in the valley


Looking back

Snow and clouds

Waterfalls in the valley

More snow



Looking back north to Zell am See

Mountains rugs (can't explain)

The Grossglockner Road


The Grossglockner road

Looking back

The texture of high peaks and snow

Snow, clouds, etc

Grossglockner road

Grossglockner chapel

Snow on pastureland

The lake below the pass

Distant valleys, distant peaks

Even farther away

Late fall trees



Snow and grass

Heading toward Grossglockner

The road to Grossglockner

The road to Grossglockner

Grass, rock, snow

Distant trees


More trees


Where they fell

Mountain Waterfall

Another try

Local color

Snow and rocks

Snow and rock

Rocks and snow

Snow and big rock

Gallery on the road

Pasterze Glacier and Grossglockner Peak

The end of the glacier


The edge of the glacier

Grossglockner peak

Looking back at Grossglockner House

As far as we walked

It's gotten smaller since 1968

Down near the glacier

The Gletscherbahn

At the foot of the glacier

Light shining through the ice, under my feet

The end of the glacier, with hikers

Driving back, with GPSes

Through the evening sun

Last Light on the Kaiser Mountains

Last daylight

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