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 Visiting Some Berlin Museums, March 10 - 12, 2006

Maria - seen on the Spree

The future, reflected in the past

Berliner Dom

Watching over Berlin

Inside the Berliner Dom

The Altar in the Berliner Dom

A tomb in the Berliner Dom

... in the Berliner Dom Crypt

A Snowy Day in Berlin

Scythian Gold in the Old Museum

Classical Sculpture in the Old Museum

Upstairs in the Old Museum

... in the Old Museum

The dome of the Old Museum

Saying Hello to Nefertiti in the Old Museum

Nefertiti in the Old Museum

Walking like an Egyptian ...

Child Mummies in the Old Museum

In the Old Museum

Oedipus and the Sphynx

Roman Mosaic

Roman Sculpture and Frescoes

Roman Sculpture

Roman Sculpture in the Old Museum

Roman Sculpture in the Pergamon

In the Pergamon Museum

Caspar David Friedrich - Tsukimi

Caspar David Friedrich in the Old National Gallery

In the Old National Gallery

Involuntary Reflex

Pergamon Temple

The Ishtar Gate - in the Pergamon Museum

Old Persian bricks

Portrait by Dürer in the Gemäldegalerie

Portrait in the Gemäldegalerie

Vermeer - The Wine Glass

Vermeer Woman with a Pearl Necklace

Titian - The Distracted Organist

Botticelli's Venus out of her Shell

JAlbum 6.1