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 late August, early September 2004

Fall Festival in Rosenheim, walking around Schliersee, Sound 'n' Light Water Show from the Bad Aibling Fire Dept,  and a few lens tests ...

New camera! Barbara's D70

Roger's old D100 with a new lens! Ooooh!

Mounted Police leading the parade

Rosenheim Herbstfest (Fall Festival) Parade

The bakers in the Herbstfest (Fall Festival) Parade

Beerhall Waitresses in the Herbstfest Parade

More Beer! Rosenheim Herbstfest (Fall Festival) Parade

There goes the beer ....

The butchers in the Rosenheim Herbstfest Parade

Kids with sausage necklaces in the Rosenheim Parade

Rosenheim Herbstfest (Fall Festival) Parade

Guys with guns at the Rosenheim Parade

More beer (from the other brewery)

Lens Test - afternoon clouds

Lens test - late afternoon light in the kitchen

Lens test -- coupla pretty flowers ...

Boathouse on Schliersee

Idle hockey rink -- Schliersee

Playing with the chessmen


Reeds on Schliersee

Setup for the water show

Water Show

Water Show

Water Show

Water Show

Water Show

Water Show

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